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Here at Bonsai-En we try to bring our customers the best and highest quality Bonsai Tools and Accessories. To help bring more products to the Australian Bonsai market we have created a Special Orders Program. This will allow you to browse items available to Bonsai-En through our partners but that are not currently in stock, Once you place a special order your items will be added to an order list and imported for you so you don't have to worry about anything except receiving the products you need. For more information on the program please see below.
Special Ordering is as easy as placing a regular order, The only difference is a slight delay in dispatch time while we order your products.

How Special Orders Work

1. You browse the special orders products and add any items you would like to your cart ( please make a separate order for any in stock items ).
2. You can choose to make a partial payment or full payment ( please note your items wont be dispatched from Bonsai-En once received until final payment has been made ).
3. We will send any special orders off to our suppliers at either Mid Month or End of Month, Some products may be ordered earlier and arrive with our normal stock or if a special order fills up quick enough we will send it off once it reaches our order minimums for freight.
4. Once your products are received at Bonsai-En if full payment has been made prior the items will be dispatched same day, if Final payment has not been made you will be notified and once the payment is made your items will be dispatched.
Please click here to read our FAQs Page for Special Order Items.

How To Special Order