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Don't damage your tree by using a regular set of side cutters to cut your wire.
Bonsai Wire Cutters are specially designed for the job and reduce the risk of cutting into you tree when cutting off wire, Not to mention how much easier these tools make cutting thicker wire. Buy From Australia's Premium Online Bonsai Shop
The first thing you will notice going from side cutters to proper wire cutters is the fact that as you move up in gauge on your wire the side cutters will start to struggle. Cutting 6mm Wire is a challenge with side cutters and while it is something you can do it creates strain on your hand. If you are a professional or nursery man you will know that having a set of proper wire cutters will save you a whole lot of hand strain. Even just doing a few trees you will notice the difference.
The biggest advantage of all though is how the end of the wire cutters are designed, Side cutters most of the time have a much more pointed or sharp nose where as the Wire Cutters have a rounded nose. This helps you to cut the wire and the wire only. If you use a standard set of side cutters you run the risk of cutting into a branch or the trees trunk while removing wire. The wire cutters are also generally thinner in design with a longer handle so it makes them easier to poke in through the foliage and between branches to achieve the cut needed to remove wire.
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