Special Order FAQ's

Can I Use A Discount Code From My Reward Points On Special Order Items?
Yes, But in order to be able to use a discount code you will need to pay for your order in full for it to be processed. Special orders that are being done by partial payments wont be able to process discount codes.
Can i order other items that are in stock in the same order?
Yes, Although your other items that are in stock wont ship until your special order item arrives as this will incur 2 shipping charges on our end. If you want to special order an item but also purchase in stock products and have the ship separately you will need to submit separate orders.
Can i Partial Pay Special Order Items If Have In Stock Items In My Order?
No, If you would like to Special Order an item and also purchase in stock items the entire order will need to be paid in full.
Can I Order More Then 1 Special Order Item In 1 Order?
Yes, But the entire order will need to be paid in full, if you select partial payment you wont be able to add any other items to your cart as the system can not process multiple partial payments on 1 order.
How Long Will My Items Take To Arrive?
We submit special orders every 2 weeks ( mid month and end of month ), some items may come sooner if we can fit them in with our regular stock delivery, Most items only take around 3 days to arrive from Japan and will be shipped as soon as we receive them if the order has been fully paid.
What Happens If My Special Order Items Is Not In Stock With The Supplier?
We will contact you to see if you would prefer to wait for the item to come back into stock or if you would like a full refund of any amount paid.