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Japanese Made Bonsai Scissors

Our collection of scissors are essential tools for any bonsai artist. Made in Japan by Kikuwa from high quality Japanese steels, these shears are designed to provide precise cuts that promote quicker healing. These tools can be sharpened down to a fine edge without breaking, allowing you to make precise cuts with ease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Scissors For Beginners?

The best scissors for beginners are the 200mm bonsai scissors as they are a medium width and a medium length with a medium size blade which gives you the broadest range of jobs the scissors can handle.

Are Japanese Scissors Different To Other Scissors?

Yes, Japanese bonsai scissors are different to other scissors as they use Japanese steels which are well known for holding a sharp edge and being durable which gives you performance and longevity. Other scissors are usually made from cheaper steels.

Should I buy Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel Scissors?

Carbon Steel scissors are stronger, sharper and cheaper but the trade off is they can rust easy. They are the better choice though.

Stainless Steel how ever is resistent to rust but the steel is weaker and prone to dulling over time, they are more expensive as stainless steel is a more expensive steel. How ever the Japanese Stainless Steel tools we sell are much higher quality then any other competitors.

Are Bonsai Scissors Hard To Sharpen?

No, Bonsai scissors are easy to sharpen. You will need a natural whetestone, never use diamond sharpening tools. You can see our video on maintenance here

How Do I Properly Care For My Scissors?

If you have or plan to purchase Carbon Steel Scissors then we recommend coating them with tool oil after each use to prevent rust, you can store them in a tool case after use to prevent damage from falling and you can clean sap and build up using a crean mate. All these items can be found here