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Bonsai-En is a Bonsai retailer from Australia. Specializing in high quality Japanese bonsai tools. Bonsai-En also has a physical retail location selling bonsai trees from starter plants up to finished bonsai. We also have a free YouTube channel for education and we also host the Podcast Modern Bonsai in which we talk to artists from all around the world to give listeners some insight to bonsai from other countries.
Our main goal was to create a place where people could have faith in what they were spending there money on was only the highest quality. We make sure to only stock bonsai tools that we would use and trust ourselves, Pretty much everything we sell is imported directly from Japan from well known makers. We also pride ourselves on trying to find unique items such as Bonsai Pots and Bonsai Stands. A lot of the Bonsai Pots and Bonsai Stands we stock are hand made by craftsmen and artists.
We are your one stop bonsai shop for everything including bonsai wire, bonsai tools, bonsai accessories and more. We stock a wide range of bonsai merchandise which is designed here at Bonsai-En so there are no generic designs.
Our online bonsai shop has one of the most premium online shopping experiences there is in the world of bonsai, we offer high quality product photography, accurate descriptions and features such as a rewards system, wishlists, buyers guides and a wide range of payment options including afterpay. We have fast shipping and service not only Australia but also international orders with customers in the UK, USA and Canada to name a few. If you are looking for a large range of Bonsai supplies we are your #1 destination.
You can also check out our online bonsai courses on our sister website which we call The Bonsai Dojo. We have very affordable online courses that you can do in your own time in your own house. Once the courses are purchased they are yours for as long as you need them and you can re watch them over and over so you can refresh your knowledge.
The owner of Bonsai-En is Joshua Hooson who created the business to fill a gap in the market, Joshua was a bonsai enthusiast who noticed it wasn't easy to get good quality supplies in Australia. The only option was to fill that gap and Bonsai-En was born in April of 2019. The business was off to a flying start only to hit a brick wall a few months later when the covid pandemic hit. But the business soon recovered and is now thriving and serving thousands of customers all over the world with high quality bonsai tools and accessories. The newly opened nursery at Medowie in NSW Australia is also starting to see some success with Lessons and workshops and access to see the products in person. So if you are after the 1 destination to get everything you need for Bonsai consider Bonsai-En and we hope to see you in the near future.


You can visit us

ADDRESS : 54 Ferodale Road Medowie NSW 2318
OPENING HOURS: Sat - Sun - Mon - Tue / 10am - 4pm


We stock a range of Bonsai items from beginner to expert and are continually adding to our range. Bonsai-En imports from Japan and stocks some of the most well known brands and products in Bonsai. 


We thank you for Visiting our store and we look forward to growing more and more each Day, Week , Month And Year.