Shipping FAQ'S

Who Do You Ship With?

At Bonsai-En we whip with Australia Post, Fastway and Couriers Please.


Depending on your location our system manifests the cheapest and quickest shipping option for your order.


How Are Shipping Costs Calculated?

Costs are Calculated on the size / weight of the parcel being sent as well as the address the parcel is going too. Remote areas are generally more expensive then major cities. There is also a slight percentage of the cost that covers, Parcel Insurance / Packaging & Labour. Although there is some cost to shipping items we try to absorb some of this by making our products generally cheaper then every where else. E.G some of our pots are $5 - $10 cheaper then some other retailers.

Plus we offer AfterPay and a Rewards System to try help give back some of the cost and make it easier to shop.


What Happens If My Products Are Damaged In Transport?


Please Refer to our "Shipping Insurance" Page. 


How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

Generally 1-3 Business Days. The Closer you are too us the quicker the trip.

Also Major Cities get deliveries a lot quicker then rural areas.


Why isn't there a Flat Rate or Free Shipping?

We would absolutely love to offer these features but unfortunately when it comes to Pots we need to Wrap Them Well and send them in box's which Costs money. On top of that smaller orders can sometimes cost us more to send then we made in profit. E.G a roll of 100G Wire for $5.90 will Cost $8.30 to send.

Although if we can keep getting regular customers we will be eligible for Aus Posts Higher Tier post deal which will make shipping far cheaper and we can reduce our shipping costs! So the more people we have shop with us the cheaper whipping will get so tell your friends!


What is Same Day Shipping?


Same Day shipping is when we send your order on the same day you placed the order if it was before 2PM. If you place the order after 2PM it will be sent on the next Business Day. We make 2PM the cut off time as we need the last 3HRs to pack the final orders. We generally have the Parcels Lodged By 5PM.


Same day shipping isn't guaranteed and we try to aim for it every day, but some days we get so swamped we cant get everything packed and out the door as we try to pack the parcels properly to ensure a safer journey, So please be patient if your parcel didnt go out on the same day.