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If you are looking for high quality bonsai tools with fast shipping to South Australia and unbeatable pricing and service then Bonsai-En has you covered! Check out our large range of Japanese Bonsai tools By Kikuwa. You can also use the menu above to check out our range of Bonsai wire, Bonsai Pots and Bonsai Accessories.


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How To Use Our Site

Here at Bonsai-En we understand purchasing online for the first time from us or any other store can be intimidating so we have put together a quick explainer video on how to navigate our site from finding products all the way through to check out.


Please watch the video below if you are having trouble with purchasing. If you have any other troubles you can reach out Via the contact us form under the video


Shipping FAQ'S

Who Do You Ship With?

At Bonsai-En we ship with Australia Post, Aramex and Couriers Please.


Depending on your location our system manifests the cheapest and quickest shipping option for your order.


If you have a preferred courier please contact us prior to your order otherwise our system will automatically send with the best option for your area,  


Please note for customers with a PO Box or Parcel Locker your parcel will be sent with Aus Post and dispatch may be delayed a day or 2 due to Aus Post not servicing our Area. All Residential and Business addresses have scheduled pick ups from Bonsai-En each working day.


International Shipping Taxes, Duties and Fees


Please be advised that any international customers who make purchases from Bonsai-En are solely responsible for any taxes, duties, or fees that may be imposed by their respective local governments upon importation of our products. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of and adhere to their local import rules and regulations. Bonsai-En cannot be held liable for any such charges or complications that may arise from non-compliance with these regulations. We encourage our valued international customers to familiarize themselves with their local customs and importation policies to ensure a smooth and trouble-free shopping experience.


Shipping Delays

On some rare occasions there can be delays in shipping due to a problem with the couriers network. Please note we will be happy to help you with this issue by following up with the courier to see if there are any updates or ETAs for your order. We ask that you recognise that shipping delays are out of our control. On your tracking and your order you will be able to see the time in which we fulfilled your order ( left our place of business ) which is usually same day or next. If there is a delay in your order please allow us time to work with you on getting the delivery to you. Its best if you communicate with us in a calm manner, we understand that delays can be frustrating but rude behaviour wont get the issue resolved any quicker. If you suspect your shipment is delayed please email us at for assistance.


See below for Courier updates


Aramex Domestic Deliveries


Australia Post Domestic and International Deliveries


How Are Shipping Costs Calculated?


Costs are Calculated on the size / weight of the parcel being sent as well as the address the parcel is going too. Remote areas are generally more expensive then major cities. There is also a slight percentage of the cost that covers, Parcel Insurance / Packaging & Labour. Although there is some cost to shipping items we try to absorb some of this by making our products generally cheaper then every where else. E.G some of our pots are $5 - $10 cheaper then some other retailers.

Plus we offer AfterPay and a Rewards System to try help give back some of the cost and make it easier to shop.


What Happens If My Order Is Lost, Stolen or Damaged In Transport?


In the unlikely event that your parcel doesn't arrive please reach out to us at with your order details and we will investigate your order for you. We aim to get all cases settled as quick as possible.


Order Never Arrived: In this case we will follow up with the courier service, Delivery drivers are required to take photographic evidence of delivery's so we can usually supply photos of where the parcel was left. If the parcel was lost and we can confirm this with the courier we will aim to get your order re-sent to you ASAP. In the case your item is no longer in stock we will provide a full refund of the items we can not supply.


Stolen Parcels: In the event your parcel is Stolen we will need you to first file a claim with your local police, By law we are required to have a police report to take action on stolen goods as this is a chargeable offence. We will work with you on this and also aim to get new goods sent to you as quick as possible.


Damaged Parcels: At Bonsai-En we pride ourselves on our packaging and have tested numerous packages to reduce damage of goods. We have now got a 99.9% un damaged delivery rate ( yes that includes pots ). In the event though that a courier does damage your items please take a photo of the packaging, the protective packaging and also the damaged item and delivery label. Once we receive these photos we can work to get you new items sent out or refunded if the items are no longer in stock.


Why isn't there a Flat Rate or Free Shipping?

We would absolutely love to offer these features but unfortunately when it comes to Pots we need to Wrap Them Well and send them in box's which Costs money. On top of that smaller orders can sometimes cost us more to send then we made in profit. E.G a roll of 100G Wire for $5.90 will Cost $8.30 to send.

Although if we can keep getting regular customers we will be eligible for Higher Tier postage deals which will make shipping far cheaper and we can reduce our shipping costs! So the more people we have shop with us the cheaper shipping will get so tell your friends!


What is Same Day Shipping?


Same Day shipping is when we send your order on the same day you placed the order if it was before 2PM. If you place the order after 2PM it will be sent on the next Business Day. We make 2PM the cut off time as we need the last 3HRs to pack the final orders. We generally have the Parcels Lodged By 5PM.


Same day shipping isn't guaranteed and we try to aim for it every day, but some days we get so swamped we cant get everything packed and out the door as we try to pack the parcels properly to ensure a safer journey, So please be patient if your parcel didn't go out on the same day.


Why don't you have Free Shipping?

The short answer is it is actually cheaper for our customers to have a shipping price at checkout. Why is this? Stores who claim to do free shipping actually put the shipping cost into their product prices, This means their products are some times as much as $7-$8 more expensive per item, if you buy a few items in one transaction you may have actually payed 3x shipping rates within the products cost.

This also makes products more expensive for in store customers as they are paying the extra cost of shipping in the items price but not actually getting the items shipped.

Our goal here at Bonsai-En is to provide Quality Products at a Good Price. We did our research and it always works out cheaper to charge a single shipping rate per transaction rather then put extra cost on every item in the store to cover shipping expenses. We urge you next time you are shopping around online add the items to your cart and get a total price at checkout for each store to help you decide where you are getting a better deal. Also try to remember that when getting items shipped this includes a box or bag, protective packaging, workers time to pack the parcel, and the cost of the courier. We do cover some of these costs but we cant cover them all otherwise we wont have a business.


How Do I Check My Rewards Balance And Use Points For Discounts


How Do I Calculate Shipping Costs?

If you would like to see how much it will be to ship your order then simply add all the items you want to your Cart. Then once you have all the items you want navigate to your cart in the top right corner, it will have a numeric display showing you how many items are in your cart. Once you are in your cart click "Check Out".

Don't worry, this wont process the order, In this step you can add your shipping address, Once you have done that you should get 2 options. 1 will be "In Store Pick Up" and the other will be a shipping rate to your address. if you click the shipping rate your total cost on the right will be updated to show the entire cost of the order with shipping.


What Happens If My Pots Are Broken During Transit?

If you receive your parcel and the contents have been damaged during transit please take as many photos as you can of both the products, the protective packaging and the outer packaging. Once we receive this we can organise a replacement or refund for your order.


Where Do I Pick Up My Tree?

Trees can be picked up from our store at 54 Ferodale Road Medowie NSW


I Cant Sign Into My Account.

A common mistake made is people sign up for our newsletter but that doesn't create an actual Bonsai-En Account. To Create an account click the little person icon in the top right corner of the page next to the shopping cart.

The Bonsai-En Account and newsletter are 2 different levels of subscription.

Although both are free the newsletter will just make sure you get notified when new stock arrives.

A Bonsai-En account will help you check out quicker for future transactions, Save Shopping Carts and earn you points every time you shop.


Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, We have many happy customers internationally with surprisingly fast shipping times.


What is AfterPay?


AfterPay allows you to pay off a purchase over 4 payments which are spread out over 8 weeks. These 4 Payments are made fortnightly. This makes getting what you need easier and quicker with no interest or hidden fees!

Click here to find out more :


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Bonsai-En Account?

When you have an account with us it makes future check outs even easier then the first! Your details will be stored securely so that next time you make a purchase when you click Check Out all your details will be pre filled!


When you have an account you will also accrue points when you make purchases. For every $1 you spend you will receive 1 point. As you earn points you will earn Dollar Value discounts up too $50. Click the Black Earn Rewards tab you see on every page to learn more and check your points balance once you are logged in.


If you opt in for our newsletter you will be the first to know when new stock arrives! This includes new Trees, Tools, Accessories and more. Don't ever miss out on new stock again because the good stuff sells fast! You can opt out at anytime.


How Long Does Shipping Usually take?

This varies from place to place, Metro areas are generally quicker.

2-3 Business days is the usual shipping time, Although this can be a 

little delayed in holiday periods. Please be patient when waiting for your shipment.

If you would like to enquire about where you package is or how much longer it will be please contact Australia Post with your tracking number. We are also happy to assist but we can only see the same information you can using the tracking number provided. Once we hand the package over to Australia Post we have no control over shipping times.




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