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Branch Cutters are a must have for all Bonsai Artists. If your Bonsai Tree has branches then theres a good chance they will need a good cutting! Dont wreck your good scissors trying to cut larger branches. Buy From Australia's Premium Online Bonsai Shop
You may ask your self " cant i just snip my branches off with my Bonsai Scissors? ". The Answer is usually no. The reason why is as branches get thicker if you try to cut them with regular scissors you could damage them by separating them at the join. Once you do this they no longer create a clean precise cut and you risk damage on your tree. Branch cutters can generally cut thicker branches and are also available in a range of sizes ranging from small sets to large sets. This is not the only reason for having a separate tool for cutting branches though. The other reason Branch Cutters are useful is the shape of the cutting head, it is far easier to position these flush up against the trunk for a perfectly even cut.
Branch cutters are also helpful to score branches when creating jin or to create a cut to start the bark peeling.
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  • Hanzo Carbon Steel Branch Cutters 210mm
    Hanzo Carbon Steel Branch Cutters 210mm - Bonsai-En
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