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Kikuwa Bonsai Tool Kit 10 Piece Stainless Steel

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Kikuwa Bonsai Tool Kit 10 Piece Stainless Steel


This Bonsai Tool Kit is for the Bonsai Enthusiast or Professional who needs a wide range of High Quality Tools. This kit features high quality tools and a Roll Type Case to store them.
The tool kit includes
1x Stainless Steel 215mm Bonsai Scissor
1x Stainless Steel 180mm Bud / Satsuki Scissor
1x Stainless Steel 205mm Bonsai Branch Cutter
1x Stainless Steel 205mm Bonsai Wire Cutter
1x Stainless Steel 215mm Jin Plier
1x Stainless Steel Tweezer 210mm
1x Stainless Steel 110mm Straight Bonsai Saw
1x Stainless Steel Root Hook 1 Pick 210mm
1x Crean Mate Tool Cleaner
1x Bonsai Finishing Detail Brush
1x Roll Type 10 Tool, Tool Case
This Bonsai Kit is for those who want to take their Bonsai Practise to the next level and have a good quality well layed out set of Bonsai Tools on hand to complete most day to day Bonsai Jobs.


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