Shipping Tips

Tips And Tricks For More Efficient Shipping


As a consumer we know the pain of getting to the checkout and having to add on extra costs for shipping, but hopefully we can help you reduce your costs and make your purchases more cost effective with some helpful tips.


Before we jump into the tips let me just preface this by pointing out that shipping is an essential part of any online order, no courier will deliver for free and there will always be a cost. The cost can include the couriers fee, the packaging costs and the labour to pick and pack orders. Another good way to look at it is too calculate how much it would cost you to come pick up your order from the store, calculate your time plus costs and the shipping will seem very cheap especially if your order has to travel via plane. But we do still understand that an extra cost before checking out is a bummer.


So how can you make your orders more cost effective?


1. Ship Multiple Items : If you purchase 1 cheaper item then adding the cost of shipping onto that 1 item will make the item seem way more expensive then what its worth, for example our wire pack is $34.99, most places in Australia have a cost of $12.95 to ship to ( courier, packaging, labour ). This will make your total cost for the wire $47.94. So now your thinking its not worth it ( we get it, that sucks ). 

The best thing to do here is combine other products you need in the 1 parcel. say you can get 10 products at once rather then over 10 separate orders in the future not only will you reduce your shipping costs by 9x but on the single order your are now only paying $1.29 per item, so that wire pack is now only $36.28 rather then $47.94. We know that you have spent more on this single order but in the long term you have saved a lot of money. lets say for example you know you would need those 10 items ( or how ever many you might need ). if you got them all individually say over even a period of a year you would have paid $129.50 in shipping fees over the year, in 1 order you reduced that to $12.95 saving you $116.55.


2. Ship With Friends Or Your Bonsai Club : This is the same theory as above with the same calculations, except rather then all the items in the parcel being just yours you have a group of people who all purchase together and combine shipping. This works great for Bonsai Clubs. That way each individual person only pays a very small amount for shipping making it very cost effective. The more items you have the cheaper it will get for everybody.


3. Continue to shop with us and use your reward points to reduce total order costs : We have a very generous rewards system which can help you reduce shipping costs on orders if you are spending with us. For example at 100 points you can get a discount of $10 off your order, that almost takes out your shipping costs.


I hope these tips have helped you understand ways you can save on shipping costs and still enjoy the quality items we sell here at Bonsai-En.