Bonsai Pots

Elevate Your Bonsai: Find the Perfect Pot in Our Premium Collection

Our collection of pots offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any bonsai tree. Each pot is carefully crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Our selection includes traditional ceramic pots, as well as modern options made from stone.
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What Size Bonsai Pot Do I Need?

Size can play an important role in how your Bonsai Looks aesthetically and how it grows horticulturally. If you plant a small tree in a large pot this can dwarf the tree even further taking away any power the tree might have had, if the pot is too small this can make the tree look unstable and also affect the health of the tree. We want to get an even balance between having enough room for a healthy root ball ( each species will require a different size root ball ) And not too much room that will cause a tree in refinement to grow to vigorously which will quickly ruin any branch structure we might have created or prevent you from getting the fine ramification you desire. The height of the tree can also determine how deep a pot should be, the short and fatter the tree the deeper the pot should be, the taller and slender the tree is the shallower you can go. This all just comes down to proportions so always consider the horticultural requirements of your tree before the aesthetics. But you can almost always find that sweet spot for both.

What Colour Bonsai Pot Do I Need?

When we talk about colours in Bonsai Pots we normally hear of Glazed Bonsai Pots and Unglazed Bonsai Pots which breaks the colours up into 2 sub sections of colours. Unglazed is more neutral earth tone colours and glazed pots are usually more vibrant colours. Unglazed bonsai pots are suited to mainly conifers for the most part as they give a more masculine look and suit the bark colours of conifers a lot more. The glazed bonsai pots on the other hand usually suit deciduous trees and evergreen trees. We try to match the colour of the pot to a specific feature on the tree, this might be spring foliage colour, autumn foliage colour, fruit colours or flower colours. This all depends on when you think the optimal time to display your tree is and what the feature is you are trying to highlight. To choose the right colour take the colour of the feature you are trying to highlight and look for its complimentary colour. You can look this up online.