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How To Grow Bonsai Trees


Bonsai is a living art using living plant material, to master the art of bonsai we first need to master the art of growing bonsai. Unfortunately there are no short cuts that can be taken and we need to follow a series of steps in the correct order to build the bonsai material. In this video we will show you the road map you can follow to help you develop your material better and know when to move if from development into refinement. 





Hi Jeff,

If it is winter time and you are in the development stage i would just leave the tree for now. Next year how ever moving into winter there would be 3 things i would do for a juniper to prepare for winter.
1. Clean out the interior foliage to allow light and air to penetrate the canopy to help avoid excessive moisture sitting in the tree which can breed fungal issues.
2. Spray with lime sulphur a the beginning of spring to further protect the tree from pest and disease through out winter and in early spring.
3. feed the tree heavily through autumn to give it reserves and allow it to take up potassium which can help reduce cold stress.

I hope these few points help

Joshua Hooson

1st-timer here. Hi! I could praise a lot more about the videos you’re provided but at the moment I have a quick question – I just got my first potential bonsai juniper and it’s winter here in southern california. It’s in the pot and I’ve got it in a well-lit spot outdoors. Development phase: is there anything I should do between now and the springtime? Should I leave it 100% alone?
Thanks Josh!
- Jeff

Jeffrey Tomas

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