Bonsai Road Map

Your Ultimate Roadmap to Growing Stunning Bonsai Trees

How To Grow Bonsai Trees


Bonsai is a living art using living plant material, to master the art of bonsai we first need to master the art of growing bonsai. Unfortunately there are no short cuts that can be taken and we need to follow a series of steps in the correct order to build the bonsai material. In this video we will show you the road map you can follow to help you develop your material better and know when to move if from development into refinement. 




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bonsai artist with bonsai tree

Author : Joshua Hooson

Joshua Hooson is an author and enthusiast of the art of bonsai. He has built his knowledge and understanding of bonsai through a combination of self-experience, lessons learned through hands-on practice, and extensive research. His articles reflect his passion for the subject and offer insights gained through his own personal journey in the world of bonsai. All the information provided in his works is a result of his own experiences and the knowledge he has gained through his studies. He is dedicated to sharing his love of bonsai and helping others grow in their understanding and appreciation of this ancient and beautiful art form.

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