The Secret to Bonsai Design: The Art of Choosing the Front

The Secret to Bonsai Design: The Art of Choosing the Front

How To Choose The Viewing Front For Your Bonsai Tree


When it comes to Bonsai design there are a few things we need to keep in mind throughout the process and 1 of them is the front of the tree. Now when you choose a front this doesn't mean that this is the only good angle to look at the tree from, you should design your tree to be pleasing from all angles. Think of it more like putting your best foot forward when presenting your tree in a show, the front will be the absolute best viewing angle of your tree. Think of it like having regular clothes in your wardrobe but when you go to a special event like a wedding you bust out the expensive suit or dress to look your best.

Now having a front can also be useful for framing or showcasing special features of the tree such as deadwood or hollows. So how do we make a decision on what the best front is? Check out our video guide below to get a better understanding of this bonsai design technique.




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