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Bonsai Cut Paste Buyers Guide

Bonsai Cut Paste


When it comes to cut paste for bonsai it can be confusing as to what you need or what is best for you, so today we are going to take a look at some of the different cut pastes and what their usage is.


Do I need to use cut paste for bonsai?

It is usually advised by most bonsai professionals that you do use a proper cut paste made for bonsai rather then some of the home remedies you may see on the internet. I have seen many things recommended such as blu-tak, vegemite, wood glue, bees wax and many more. But bonsai cut paste is made specially to make sure you get the fastest healing wounds by getting the best protection from the elements. Some cut pastes even have added agents to help speed up the process. I guess I wouldn’t have to point it out to most people but using some of the things listed above could potentially damage your tree or attract unwanted attention from pests.
The few we will look at today can all be purchased here at Bonsai-En and we will use all these ones as examples as we have only selected the best Bonsai cut paste to sell in our store.


What Is the difference between bonsai cut paste and cut putty?

Cut Putty : These are a solid type of cut paste rather than liquid which are used to cover flush cuts on bonsai trees, the putty is adhesive to the outside layer of the tree and doesn’t run which makes it perfect for applying to the side of a trunk or on a branch. Once applied the cut putty will be resistant to water and the elements and as the tree heals it will eventually push the putty off.
Cut Paste : This is a liquid cut paste and is good for cracks and breaks rather then actually covering up big wounds created by removing branches. The liquid allows the paste to run down into the crack or break and help seal off the area to stop too much air from entering the area and drying out the cambium while also stopping water from entering and rotting out the inside of the break.

Now let’s begin by looking at the cut putty we sell.

The type of cut putty we sell is a very popular brand made by a Japanese company who specialize in protective coatings for trees. They have worked for years to make sure that their product protects wounds from infection and helps accelerate the healing process. Our cut putty has been used by bonsai professionals for more then 20 Years and you are likely to see it in most peoples bonsai tool bags.
We carry 2 different cut putty’s, but both are essentially the same, 1 has a white lid for deciduous trees and the other has a green lid for evergreens and conifers. The only difference between the 2 is the colouring. The white lid has a lighter colored putty to suit the lighter bark texture of most deciduous trees and the green lid has a darker putty to suit the darker coloured bark of evergreens and conifers. You can use either one on any tree though.
Bonsai Cut Putty Deciduous
 Bonsai Cut Putty For Deciduous Trees
Buy Here :
Cut Putty For Bonsai Evergreen Conifers
Bonsai Cut Putty For Evergreen And Conifers
Buy Here :

So what about the Bonsai Cut Paste?

Kiyonal : I will start with the Kiyonal cut paste we sell which is made by the same company as above with the cut puttys, This particular cut paste is more of a liquid form and can be used on both cuts above the soil and below the soil. It is also very useful for sealing up grafting sights before you put on your grafting tape. Much like the cut putty this cut paste is very popular among enthusiasts and it is very likely that you have seen it before. It is usually available in 100g tubes.
Kiyonal Cut Paste For Bonsai
 Kiyonal Cut Paste For Bonsai
Buy Here :
Carusmate ( Calusmate ) : This particular cut paste has been on the rise in the last few years as it has been seen on popular Bonsai educational sites used on top quality trees by professionals. It is also a very popular cut paste in Japan. This particular paste dries in a natural looking color and is a good thickness to apply to cracks and breaks. Callusmate is usually sold in 150g tubes but you can find smaller tubes available.
Carusmate Cut Paste For Bonsai
 Carusmate Cut Paste For Bonsai
Buy Here :
Top Jin : Top Jin Cut Paste is a medicated cut paste that has an Anti-Bacterial Agent called thiophanate-methyl which will actively help fight any pathogens or infections your tree might face if a wound is present during a wet season. This paste isn’t as natural looking when applied but it does have the bonus of the Anti-Bacterial Agent and it also comes in 200g tubes for a price that’s closer to the 100g tubes of the competition.
Top Jin Cut Paste For Bonsai
 Top Jin Cut Paste For Bonsai
Buy Here :
As you can see cut paste and cut putty for bonsai are not an expensive item and will actually last you a very long time as you are not ( hopefully ) breaking lots of branches all the time. The paste and puttys can be stored for years as long as they are stored properly out of direct sunlight and not submerged in water. It is always best to use the proper products over home made remedies especially when it comes to your bonsai collection.
I hope this has helped you understand Bonsai Cut Paste a little better.
Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Bonsai Journey.

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