Kiyonal Cut Paste Tube 100g ( Deciduous & Conifer ) - Bonsai-En
Kiyonal Cut Paste Tube 100g ( Deciduous & Conifer ) - Bonsai-En

Kiyonal Cut Paste Tube 100g ( Deciduous & Conifer )

Cut Tube
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Cut paste grafting sealant helps ensure a healthy growth for bonsai tree after a large pruning cut. By applying this wound sealant to branches that have been damaged or cut, it allows the wound to:


  1. Seal cuts
  2. Keep sap from bleeding
  3. Control how the scar tissue forms and looks after healing
  4. Prevent the tree section from dying back when making a full trunk cut or large branch cut
  5. Allow the wound to heal quickly
  6. Prevent the chance of any infection and disease from forming


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