Here at Bonsai-En our main focus is to bring people together and provide them with everything they need in 1 hub. This will obviously take time to build but with a strong community this will be possible and provide opportunity for everybody.


We hope to be able to run competitions for our members, be able to promote up coming shows and events, share Bonsai advice, storys, Tips and much more.


When engaging in discussion we please ask that you be respectful of others, Please be aware that The Bonsai Hobby has people of all skill levels from someone who has their first tree to someone who has been practising for 50 years. Please help lift and educate those seeking information and be respectful of those showing theirs trees. Criticism is always welcome its how its delivered that counts. 

Please enjoy the space we have created and any feedback is welcomed, as we move forward we can add new categories and improve the community together!


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