Shipping Insurance FAQ's

Bonsai-En offers Shipping Insurance through "Route" who are a 3rd Party Insurance Company. Route will Cover all items except for Trees. Plant material is not covered in their policy as it is a perishable product and is un able to be covered.
Here are some Facts about Routes Service.
What is Route?
Route automatically connects to everything you’ve ordered from all your favourite retailers while allowing you to visually track your packages, anytime, anywhere. Add Route Plus at checkout and unlock full package protection and seamless 1-click claims filing.
What info do you gather and how do you use my data?
Route uses delivery and order information to provide as much detail as possible about your order. To do this, Route parses your emails to collect order information such as tracking numbers, carrier names, and product info. We employ multiple layers of security to protect and secure customer data.
How to file a Claim?
When you purchase a product with Route shipping insurance you will get an email with a link to "File a Claim." To go straight to the claim form click here.
When to file a claim?

If your order is lost

An item is considered lost if it never is reported as Delivered. This can also include if your order has been stuck in any shipping state OTHER than "Delivered" You may file a claim if enough time has been allowed for delivery to take place and it's well past the expected delivery date, or if your order is stuck in a shipping state other than "Delivered"

As a general rule we consider two weeks past the estimated arrival date a "reasonable amount of time" for which a claim can be filed for a lost order.


If your order is broken

If your item arrives damaged, unusable, or otherwise in an unacceptable condition, we invite you to file a claim right away. These types of claims can be resolved  Please remember to send pictures with your claim if your item is broken. Moderate to severe shipping damage is always covered.


If your order is stolen

We consider a variety of factors to determine whether an order is considered lost or stolen such as: type of residence, whether or not the order was left on the doorstep, amount of time that has past since the order status changed to delivered. If your order has been reported as delivered but you have not received it, in some cases it will be delivered within a day or two. If after a few days you still have not received your order, this would be considered lost or stolen. Please file a claim as soon as you suspect that your order might be lost or stolen.