Custom Bonsai Tool Kits

Ever seen a bonsai tool kit and wished there was a different combination of tools? Well at Bonsai-En we believe in choice so we have created our Build Your Own Bonsai Tool Kit Discount system!
Here's how it works, Mix and match any of the tools in the categories below and an automatic discount will be applied to your cart, If a discount is applied you wont be able to use an additional discount code at checkout from your reward points.
5x Tools = 5% off
6x tools = 6% off
7x Tools = 7% off
8x Tools = 8% off
9x Tools = 9% off
10x Tools = 10% off.
5 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit
6 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit
7 Piece bonsai Tool Kit
8 Piece Bonsai tool Kit
9 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit
10 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit