About Us

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Bonsai-En is an Australian Bonsai Shop that was started to help make more high quality products available.


Bonsai-En was started by Joshua Hooson who found that there was a need for this kind of Bonsai Store when he couldn't find some of the items he himself was searching for.


Josh also started a Bonsai Podcast called "Modern Bonsai" to help bring some more information to the art. This was also followed up with a YouTube channel which is starting to see some success and is teaching beginners valuable lessons.

The main aim was to create an online bonsai warehouse that was easy to navigate and had excellent customer service to ensure our customers get what they need at a good price with ease.

Bonsai-En Also has a Physical location in Medowie NSW Where all the Bonsai Pre Styled Trees and Tree stock are Developed and We have all of our products here for purchase.


You can visit us

ADDRESS : 54 Ferodale Road Medowie NSW 2318
OPENING HOURS: Sat - Sun - Mon - Tue / 10am - 4pm


We stock a range of Bonsai items from beginner to expert and are continually adding to our range. Bonsai-En imports from Japan and stocks some of the most well known brands and products in Bonsai. 


We thank you for Visiting our store and we look forward to growing more and more each Day, Week , Month And Year.