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Copper Bonsai Wire is annealed so it work hardens as you apply it making it stronger and more reliable for holding bends then Aluminium Wire. Copper Bonsai Wire is also the preferred wire when showing trees in an exhibition as it does not stand out as much as anodised Aluminium Wire. Bonsai-En Stocks Professional Quality Copper Bonsai Wire for sale so you can be sure that the product you receive will meet high standards.

Copper Bonsai Wire Size Chart

#19 Gauge = 1mm

#17 Gauge = 1.4mm

#14 Gauge = 2mm

#12 Gauge = 2.6mm

#11 Gauge = 3mm

#9 Gauge = 3.6mm

#8 Gauge = 4mm


Note: Copper Wire is stronger then Aluminium so you may need a smaller Gauge then you would normally use with aluminium.


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