Bonsai Cut Putty Tub 190g Evergreen/Conifers - Bonsai-En
Bonsai Cut Putty Tub 190g Evergreen/Conifers - Bonsai-En

Bonsai Cut Putty Tub 190g Evergreen/Conifers

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Bonsai Cut Putty Evergreen / Conifer


Now in 190g


Cut paste is a coating material that is applied to cover the large wounds made to trees. It is an ointment that is applied after pruning and treatment of trees. Cut paste prevents the invasion of rotting fungi from the cut and protects it for a long time. In 6 months to 1 year, The wound will roll over and heal depending on the size of the cut, and there will be no discoloration or ointment spillage.
The ingredients of cut paste do not contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment and do not affect the human body. 
This Cut paste is an in-house original product that has been sold in japan since May of 1990 and is trusted by Bonsai Professionals world wide.


Key Features

Prevents rainwater and decay from the cut site.

If the cut after pruning is 2 cm or less, simply fill the gap with cut paste to prevent the invasion of rainwater and germs and the progress of decay.
Apply Cut Pasto to a large cut (if it is an old wound, cut it again), and then apply a thick paste of 2 mm to 3 mm.

Prevents cracks and burns

Even for slow-covered tree species (pine, quince, camellia, azalea, etc.), applying cut paste can protect the cut for 1 to 2 years and prevent cracks and burns.


Restore to a clean trunk before pruning

The time to complete healing varies depending on the size of the wound, but if the cut is 2 cm or less, the wound will swell in about a year and will be completely closed and healed.


The trunk does not discolour and the ointment does not flow out

Cut paste does not melt due to sprinkling, rainwater, or solar heat, and the trunk bark does not discolour.
Since the paste is water-soluble, do not expose it to rain or water for 3 to 4 hours after application.


It can be easily applied to any small cut

Cut Paste can be easily applied to any small cut. In addition, you can choose from two patterns, one for Deciduous and one for Conifer / Evergreen trees, so even if you apply it, it will not stand out.

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