How Bonsai Plants Are Made

For those beginning in Bonsai there can be some confusion to what Bonsai Trees are and how they come to be. Today we are going to take a quick dive into How Bonsai Plants Are Made.


In simple terms Bonsai simply means Tree in a Tray, So technically if we plant a tree in a pot it is a Bonsai. But in the modern age there is a lot more that goes into making a quality Bonsai. You can technically use any plant but you will find far more success working with material that can get a woody trunk so thinks like vines don't really work for Bonsai material. Some people like to make use of some succulents such as jade plants and although they do kind of resemble a tree you cant really work them like the more popular species in Bonsai.


Some of the more popular species for Bonsai include Junipers, Maples, Elms, Hawthorne's, Hornbeams and Ficus.


To create a Bonsai we go through 2 stages, 1 is development where we grow the material and 2 is refinement where we work on reducing the leaf size and branch structure.


In development we are basically growing our little tree to thicken the trunk and create and nice base on the tree. we want to have all the growing done before we put the tree in a bonsai pot as this will slow the tree down greatly and the tree wont thicken very much after that.


In refinement we change our techniques and goals from growing the tree thick to growing all the branches and foliage small and delicate to creat a nice refined branch structure on the tree.


Following these techniques is how Bonsai artists and enthusiast create Bonsai Trees even from regular nursery material. There are no special species that are " Bonsai Trees ". a special set of techniques and artistic designs are what really create a Bonsai.


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