Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Recipe for a Perfect Bonsai Soil Mix!

Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Recipe for a Perfect Bonsai Soil Mix!

How To Make Your Own Bonsai Soil Mix


When it comes to bonsai soil and the different mixs your not likley to find 2 bonsai artists that are using the same mix, there are a few standard mixs but even they can vary from artist to artist. There is good reason for this though, a bonsai mix is put together from a list of conditions that will need to be met for the optimal health of a tree. For each artist this list of conditions can change which means the mix needs to change. For example some people live in an area where it rains all the time so a mix that drains very well will be required, where as other people live in arid areas where it hardly rains ever so a mix that retains more moisture would be optimal.


Check out our video below to hear this list and learn how to make your own bonsai soil.




bonsai artist with bonsai tree

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