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Unleash Your Bonsai Potential: The Power of a Bonsai Mindset

How To Instantly Improve Your Bonsai


Starting out in bonsai is fun and exciting and it comes with a steep learning curve. We try to learn as much as we can as quick as we can and our bonsai collection can fill the backyard in under a year. But having the right mindset is important to bonsai because you need to know how to think critically about the work being performed to get the optimal health and aesthetic design from your trees.


Just knowing about these tips and having them in the back of your mind can help you change the way you think about working on your trees and it can help you avoid pitfalls that might costs you months or even years of your bonsai trees development or refinement. 


Check out the video below for these tips

Here is what is talked about in the video as well as some time stamps


0:00 Intro

0:48 Mindset For Bonsai Tools

3:52 The Right Work For The Right Material

5:48 Putting More Thought Into Positioning

7:08 Watering Mindset

9:07 Pruning Mindset

10:36 Fertilising Mindset

13:00 Pot Choice Mindset

14:48 Always Ask Why

16:13 BONUS TIP Soil Mindset

18:49 The Best Way To Improve Your Bonsai


bonsai artist with bonsai tree

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